10. Chasing the Olympia Featuring Austin Burge

10. Chasing the Olympia Featuring Austin Burge

On this episode, Joey Stanizzi, Colin Cunningham, and Dylan Schuett Interview Austin Burge, an IFBB Pro Bodybuilder who has an unmatched drive and dedication to the sport of bodybuilding.

Before the Interview, the guys catch up, discussing the chance that Colin's  college football season might happen this spring, Dylan's commitment to Long Island University after constant adversity throughout the college recruiting process, and finally a preview to our guest.

Austin was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas where he eventually fell in love with bodybuilding. He played basketball throughout his high school career, but soon realized that he loved the training in the gym more than he loved basketball, which made him consider training to become a bodybuilder. Before he knew it, he was standing on stage to compete for his IFBB pro card. He missed it by one place and we talk on the episode about how he learned from that experience and used it to secure his pro card the following year. We talk about the disciplines it takes to become successful in life, and where better to learn that than in the sport that requires the most discipline in the world.

What a great interview with wise words and advice about being passionate and disciplined. Follow him on his widely followed Instagram and YouTube @beezyphysique


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