4. The Importance of Loving What You Do with Brandon Bussi

4. The Importance of Loving What You Do with Brandon Bussi

On this episode, Joey Stanizzi, Dylan Schuett, and Colin Cunningham discuss the topic of the day - How do we utilize the power of communication? The guys talk about their past experiences, the importance of communication in many forms, and touch on the correlation with topics such as mental health and leadership.

This episode's guest, Brandon Bussi, plays Division 1 College hockey at Western Michigan and talks about his rollercoaster of a journey to get there. From tier 3 junior hockey to tier 1, to top 3 goalies in tier 1, to NHL development camp, to Western Michigan. His story teaches resiliency, self-confidence, but most importantly, happiness. He puts emphasis on how happiness is the only reason he is where he is today. "If you're not happy it's not really worth it."

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