Crossfit Superstar Bethany Shadburne

Crossfit Superstar Bethany Shadburne




In this episode, we interview exceptional crossfit athlete, Bethany Shadburne, who brings an outgoing attitude and inspiring work ethic that every athlete strives for.

We talk about her wild journey as an athlete, from a gymnast as a young kid, to a runner, bodybuilder, and finally, a crossfit athlete.

After a serious back injury during her gymnastics days, the doctors told her she'd never be able to run again, and she was out to prove them wrong. Although that injury has dragged on through her athletic career, she's been able to work around it by learning her body and mind.

She's also learned that leaving the workout at the gym has been beneficial in her growth as an individual. Her self-development outside the gym, such as reading and journaling, has allowed for her to keep her happiness through highs and lows.

Bethany's story is a perfect example of chasing your passion. Her #8 finish at the Crossfit Games speaks for itself.

Listen to episode 16 on all platforms to hear Bethany's amazing story that is far from over!

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