E13 - The Underdog Story of Dustin Poirier

E13 - The Underdog Story of Dustin Poirier


This episode we discuss the underdog story of Dustin Poirier.

Born and raised In Lafayette, Louisiana, Poirier was never expected to do much, considering his inappropriate behavior all throughout his childhood. His parents even sent him to military style bootcamps and eventually, juvenile prison, to correct his behavior. He dropped out of high school in 9th grade, after years of expressing his hatred towards school.

Nothing changed him until he picked up the gloves when he was 18. It continued with him fighting In bull rings that were catered by Inmates. Fast forward a decade and a half and he's standing atop the best In the fight world.

To show his appreciation for where he came from, he's donated a lot of money, one, he covered his middle school teacher's classroom supplies for the year. He has also started a foundation of his own, the Good Fight Foundation. He currently resides in his hometown, Lafayette, and is married to his former high school girlfriend.


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