Introducing the Unstoppable Freshness: UD Energy's Blue Razz

Introducing the Unstoppable Freshness: UD Energy's Blue Razz

August 12, 2023 – UD Energy is thrilled to unveil its newest sensation to the energy drink market – the Blue Razz flavor!

▪️ Dive into the World of Blue Razz ▪️

Harnessing the power of carefully crafted flavor profiles, Blue Razz offers an unparalleled taste experience. Each sip promises a burst of freshness, drawing on the sweet yet tart undertones of these profiles.

Blue Razz

"We're always listening to our customers and are excited to answer their call for a flavor that is as vibrant and dynamic as they are," said Joey Stanizzi, CEO. "Blue Razz doesn't just offer energy; it’s a lively experience of natural flavors packed into a can."

▪️ A Perfect Fusion of Taste and Energy ▪️

At UD Energy, our mission has always been to fuel the day with the best ingredients and unparalleled taste. Blue Razz is no exception. Beyond its taste, this beverage is packed with 7 optimal ingredients to ensure that you're powered up, whether it's for your early morning jog, mid-day slump, or a late-night study session.

When we asked Co-founder, Dylan Schuett, how difficult it is to create a high performing product while maintaining an enjoyable taste, he said, "we really focused on keeping our clean and effective profile while tirelessly tweaking the flavor profile to ensure that our users not only have a world-class performance beverage, but also a product that they can enjoy."

▪️ Exclusive Online Offers ▪️

For a limited time, the Blue Razz flavor will be accompanied by exclusive online promotions for newsletter subscribers. We invite our repeat customers to visit the UD Energy online shop and take advantage of these fantastic deals. If you're new, join our community today!

Explore the refreshing journey of UD Energy's Blue Razz today! Let every sip propel you to face the day's challenges with zest and zeal.

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About UD Energy: We strive to develop clean products that athletes can trust. 

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