UD Energy and DEKA.Fit Announce Dynamic Partnership: Powering Athletic Prowess!

UD Energy and DEKA.Fit Announce Dynamic Partnership: Powering Athletic Prowess!

August, 17th, 2023 – Today, UD Energy and DEKA.Fit are excited to announce their partnership, solidifying UD Energy as the official energy drink of DEKA.Fit. This collaboration marries two innovative brands in their respective fields, promising a synergy that will elevate the endurance and fitness experience for athletes and enthusiasts alike.

Both brands have carved distinct paths in the realm of energy and athleticism. UD Energy, known for its revitalizing and innovative pre-workout formula, and DEKA.Fit, renowned for its transformative fitness events, have joined forces to redefine athletic performance standards.

“Partnering with DEKA.Fit is a milestone moment for UD Energy,” stated Joey Stanizzi, CEO at Underdog. "Both brands share a commitment to excellence, passion, and pushing the boundaries of what's possible. Together, we aim to empower every DEKA.Fit participant with the energy they need to surpass their goals."

DEKA.Fit's rigorous challenges, known for testing both mental and physical resilience, will now be complemented by UD Energy’s exceptional beverage formulas. Athletes and fitness enthusiasts can look forward to an enhanced experience as they tackle every DEKA.Fit obstacle with the rejuvenating power of UD Energy.

Looking Ahead

As part of this collaboration, DEKA.Fit events across the nation will feature a UD Energy booth, offering participants a chance to experience the unique benefits of UD Energy. Both brands are also in the early stages of discussing collaborative marketing campaigns, product innovations, and co-branded experiences.

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