UD Energy, Official Energy Drink of Deka.fit Attends First Event

UD Energy, Official Energy Drink of Deka.fit Attends First Event


August 28, 2023 – Underdog, the leading energy drink known for fueling champions, attended its first event in the exclusive partnership as the Official Energy Drink of Deka.fit, an esteemed entity under the renowned Spartan Race umbrella.

At the recent Deka.fit Northeast event held in Philadelphia, Underdog stole the limelight with an unparalleled display of power and performance. Athletes and attendees alike reached for the distinctively-branded cans, praising its refreshing taste and sustained energy boost. As the undercurrent of the event, Underdog seamlessly supported participants throughout the grueling physical challenges, ensuring they pushed through to their best performances.

“We are thrilled to be forging this partnership with Deka.fit,” said Joey Stanizzi, CEO of Underdog. “Our mission has always been to support underdogs, the relentless fighters, and the silent champions. Aligning with an iconic brand like Spartan Race's Deka.fit underscores our commitment to those who strive to surpass their limits, one race at a time.”

The Deka.fit event in Philly is known for testing the limits of athletes in a series of intense fitness challenges, making it the perfect platform for Underdog to make its mark. With this new alliance, participants can now rely on a drink formulated specifically to complement their endurance, strength, and determination.

One Deka staff member expressed their enthusiasm for the partnership. “Deka.fit's very essence is about overcoming obstacles and pushing boundaries. In Underdog, we've found a partner that embodies that spirit. It's more than just an energy drink; it's a testament to the resilience of the human spirit.”

As the official energy drink, Underdog will be prominently featured at all Deka.fit regional and national championship events, aiding participants in their quest for excellence and setting a new standard in performance sports nutrition.

About Underdog: Underdog is a breakthrough energy drink brand devoted to fueling those who defy the odds. With a unique blend of natural ingredients, Underdog offers a sustained energy boost without the crash. Crafted for champions, it is the go-to choice for athletes, professionals, and dreamers alike.

About Deka.fit: Deka.fit, a proud member of the Spartan Race family, is an intense decathlon of functional workouts designed to test the limits of strength, endurance, and perseverance. With events held worldwide, Deka.fit continues to inspire and challenge individuals on their fitness journey.

For those who missed the event and want to learn more about what UD Energy offers, please visit https://udenergy.shop.

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