Underdog Partners with Elite Functional Fitness Athlete Meg Jacoby

Underdog Partners with Elite Functional Fitness Athlete Meg Jacoby
Underdog, a rising star in the energy drink industry, is thrilled to announce its exciting partnership with Meg Jacoby, an accomplished and revered elite functional fitness athlete. This collaboration is set to ignite new energy in the world of fitness and bring together the indomitable spirit of two champions in their respective domains.

Meg Jacoby's inspiring journey resonates deeply with the core values of Underdog. She began her athletic career as a Division 1 collegiate athlete, where she imbibed the essence of hard work, goal setting, and turning dreams into reality – principles she has carried with her throughout her life.

"In my college days, I truly learned the meaning of hard work, goal setting, and making a dream a reality," Meg Jacoby reflects. "Ideas I’ve kept with me since."

Meg's versatile background encompasses a wide array of functional fitness events, from conquering half marathons and trail races to powerlifting and CrossFit. In addition to her athletic pursuits, she embarked on a professional hybrid career while juggling the roles of a 31-year-old mother and full-time employee.

"Within a year, I’ve created two businesses, set and broke multiple records in my fitness space, became a world champion and world champion runner up, all because of the foundation and mentality I attained back in my college days as an athlete," Meg adds. "A dream is just a dream with no action. With hard work and dedication, anything is possible."

These values mirror those at the heart of Underdog's mission.

"I resonate with the Underdog team and their ambition and passion for growing their dream," Meg Jacoby concludes.

Underdog is dedicated to creating high-quality energy drinks formulated to fuel athletes and individuals who are determined to achieve greatness. Their products are designed to provide the energy, focus, power and endurance needed to reach peak performance levels. The partnership with Meg Jacoby is a testament to Underdog's commitment to supporting athletes and their dreams, and it further solidifies their position as a brand that champions the spirit of the underdog in every athlete.

Stay tuned for exciting collaborations and initiatives as Underdog and Meg Jacoby join forces to inspire athletes worldwide to chase their dreams and overcome every obstacle in their path.

For more information about Underdog and their range of energy drinks, please visit www.udenergy.shop.

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