Underdog Story of the Day - Vinny Pazienza

Underdog Story of the Day - Vinny Pazienza

Vinny Pazienza

Considered to be one of the most exciting fighters in the history of boxing, Vinny Pazienza, earning the nickname "The Pazmanian Devil" attains one of the greatest underdog stories ever.

Just weeks after becoming a two-weight world champion, Pazienza found himself in a near-fatal car accident, breaking his neck in the process. Weeks later he arose from the hospital with a "halo" contraption around his head and neck. When Vinny asked when he could fight again, it was a pretty simple and unhesitant statement in return, saying that he was lucky to even walk again. The doctor said to him that one bump may cause him to sever his spinal cord.

Stubbornly, and as some might say, stupidly, just weeks after he got out of the hospital he began secretly training in his basement, behind the backs of his family. Little did anyone know, he was training for a fight that would take place just 14 months after his accident.

He went on to defeat Roberto Duran twice before Pazienza decided to hang up the gloves.



No matter the circumstances in life, it is easy to succumb to society's expectations. Pazienza shows everyone fighting their own battle, whatever that may be, that you can accomplish your wildest goals and dreams despite any setbacks or restrictions that you think you might have.

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