Why the Underdog Affiliate Program?

Welcome to our affiliate program! We're thrilled to have you as a partner in our journey. At Underdog we're excited to collaborate and achieve remarkable milestones together.

At Underdog we believe in a strong community and that leads to a mutually beneficial relationship with our affiliates. As you embark on this journey, use this page to help guide you through the foundation of our program, including the tier system that empowers you to maximize your earnings.

Tier System

Our tier system is designed to reward performance and sales made, offering you the opportunity to grow alongside us. Here's a breakdown of how it works:

Benefits of Our Tier System

The higher up you climb through the tier system the more rewards points and rewards points multiplier you earn allowing for greater prizes to be redeemed as a reward for your hard work. 

Table header 0BronzeSilverGoldPlatinum
DescriptionThe starting tier for all new affiliates who join the programAchievable for affiliates who demonstrate commitment and moderate performanceReserved for top-performing affiliates who consistently drive significant salesThe elite tier for exceptional affiliates who consistently outperform and contribute significantly to the program's success
Point Conversion1 point per $1 in sales1.25 points per $1 in sales1.5 points per $1 in sales2 points per $1 in sales
QualificationNoneAccumulate 500 pointsAccumulate 1,500 pointsAccumulate 3,000 points
Access to Program Dashboard✔️✔️✔️✔️
Basic Commission✔️✔️✔️✔️
Access to Slack Channel✔️✔️✔️✔️
Priority Support✔️
Participation in Beta Testing✔️
Attend DEKA Events✔️
Guest on the Podcast✔️

Getting Started

  • Explore Resources
  • Familiarize yourself with our product offerings, target audience, and marketing materials available in your affiliate dashboard and in Slack. Attend an Onboarding meeting on Zoom to learn more and ask questions.

    Join Slack

    Once you join Slack, inform Director of Affiliates, Jacob Pellerin, so he can place you in the correct team channel.

  • Plan and Execute
  • Develop a strategy that aligns with your strengths and audience. Utilize the marketing materials to create compelling content that resonates with your followers.

  • Track and Optimize
  • Regularly monitor your performance metrics in your affiliate dashboard, and follow up with our slack channel. Identify what's working and optimize your approach for better results.

  • Engage and Connect
  • Don't hesitate to reach out to our dedicated affiliate support team for assistance. Engage with fellow affiliates through our community channels to learn and grow together. Regularly attend Bi weekly Zoom meetings to aid in building a strong community and even build connections and networks together. 

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